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My name is Anil Pathak. I am a student of Information Technology and System Development. I have a keen interest in Web Technologies. 

The main aim of this blog is to share my knowledge and help people understand the Internet and Technologies.

anil pathak photo
anil pathak photo

Basically, our country Nepal is developing in many scopes and Information Technology is also being integrated to different portion.

But, what I found is that the knowledge of Information Technology is very limited to the people.

The knowledge of Information Technology is a must in this 21st century and people should be aware about the genuine use of Technology.

Mostly, the young generation, the youths are very addicted to Internet and computer Technologies. Such technologies are developed to help users do their work.

But, the technologies are controlling the daily routine of people these days. 


what I found is that the knowledge of ICT is limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, PUBG and so on. And this has totally reduced the creativity of people.

So, this has to be balanced. And I want to aware people and encourage them to do something productive.

And I know that my english is not so good. So, it would be great if you guys help me correct my language and keep visiting my blog.

Furthermore, I would be glad if you wanted to write the guest post on my blog. You can mail me your article on [email protected]

Thank you !!

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