Computer Operator MCQ 1

 Computer Operator MCQ 1

Computer Operator MCQ 1

Computer Operator Exam Questions And Answers PDF MCQ

Answers to these questions have been provided at the end of this page.

1. Animation can be applied on:
a. Slides
b. Objects
c. Views
d. Designs

2. Which program is used by web clients to view the web pages?
a. Web Browser
b. Protocol
c. Web Browser
d. Search Engine

3. Relative URLs are used to:
a. Link other pages within the same site
b. Link the same page with other sites
c. Link other pages with other sites
d. Does not linked

4. What stroke combination is used to run spelling and grammar check?
a. Alt + F7
b. Ctrl + F2
c. Shift + F5
d. F7

5. Footnotes usually appear ... in MS-Word.
a. At the top of the page
b. At the bottom of the page
c. As the end of the document
d. At the end of the section

6. What keystroke combination is used to open and existing word document?
a. Ctrl + O
b. Ctrl + N
c. Alt + C
d. Ctrl + V

7. In which view header and footer are available?
a. Normal View
b. Page Layout View
c. Print Layout View
d. Draft View

8. Which feature is used to create newspaper like document?
a. Tabs
b. Bullets and numbering
c. Columns
d. Tables

9. The cell reference M$4 is a ....
a. Relative Cell Reference
b. Absolute Cell Reference
c. Mixed Cell Reference
d. None of these

10. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called ...
a. Accessing
b. Referencing
c. Updating
d. Functioning

11. When applying conditional formatting, we can check conditions against
a. Cell Value
b. Formula
c. Formatting
d. All of the above 

Q1 - Answer b) Objects
Q2 - Answer a) Web Browser
Q3 - Answer a) Link other pages within the same site
Q4 - Answer d) F7
Q5 - Answer b) At the bottom of the page
Q6 - Answer  a) Ctrl + O
Q7 - Answer c) Print Layout View
Q8 - Answer c) Columns
Q9 - Answer c) Mixed Cell Reference
Q10 - Answer b) Referencing
Q11 - Answer d) All of the above


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