NCELL All Network Voice Pack

NCELL All Network Voice Pack for the first time

Ncell's prepaid customers are now able to talk to their friends and relatives in other networks at an accessible rate.

Ncell Pvt Ltd launches 'All Network Voice Pack' offer Under this, Ncell user's can call the entire network within the country at the rate of Rs 1 per minute excluding tax.

NCELL All Time Voice Pack at 20 rupees -
NCELL All Time Voice Pack at 20 rupees -

Except for this offer, as per the existing charges, Ncell's customer can call other service provider's network with charge of 1 Rupees 99 Paisa per minute.

This Al-Net Voice Pack has been in operation since Tuesday Kartik 26, 2076. Under this pack, users can get 20 minutes talk time at Rs 20 excluding the TAX (Rs. 25.54 including TAX) which is callable to any other telecom service provider's network in the country.

This is the first time this offer has been offered in other networks within the country at an affordable rate.

Ncell customers will have to dial "*17118*7#' to launch this pack. The pack will be valid for 24 hours after drying. The offer will remain operational until Magh 26, 2076 Ncell said.

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