Watch Nepali Movies Online [100%] Free

Watch Nepali Movies Online [100%] Free

The experience of watching Nepali movies has been changing. Some years ago, people used to wait and watch serials on TV but now they watch it in their own time. Similarly, it has become possible to watch movies in your own time. This is all because of the development of the internet and technologies. So, here you can find how you can watch Nepali movies online free.

You can now watch movies on Iflix which is a video streaming platform of Nepal. They have free and VIP plans for its user. You can watch free contents as well whereas there are some movies which are only for VIP users. You can Subscribe VIP plans of Iflix to watch new Nepali movies on your computer and mobile devices.

It is found that this platform only supports Nepal. If you try to browse this website from other countries, then you can not watch movie.
Similarly, there is a service as Video Pasal which works as similar to Iflix. They both are highly inspired by Netflix. In coming days, these platforms are going to make huge money and people are going to watch movies in their own time and in their own place with their favorite pupil.

Watch Nepali Movies Online Free on Youtube

Furthermore, you can also watch Nepali movies on youtube as well. There are so many youtube channels that purchase movie from the creator and they upload on their youtube channel. Nepali people love to watch movies so much that the movie goes to youtube trending within a few hours of uploading movie on youtube. Here are the lists of youtube channels that upload official Nepali movies:

Youtube Channels that upload Official Nepali Movies
  1. Budha Subba Digital Pvt Ltd
  2. Music Nepal
  3. OSR Digital
  4. HighlightsNepal
  5. Buddha Subba Movies
  6. Sairam Pictures
  7. Highlights Movies
  8. AB Pictures Farm
  9. HiTech Entertainment

    Youtube Channels that upload Official Short Movies and TV Programs
    1. The Voice Of Nepal
    2. Gazzab TV
    3. Balchi Dhurbe
    4. Media Hub Official Youtube Channel
    6. Vibes Creation
    7. Nepal Lok Star
    8. Ama Agni Kumari Media

    Youtube Channels that upload Official Music Videos [Nepali Songs]


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