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What is Technical Guruji?

Technical Guruji is a famous name among Tech lovers all over the world. Technical Guruji is youtube channel which provides contents related to the Internet, Computer, and Technologies in very simple Hindi Language. Technical Guruji has more than 13 million subscribers.

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Technical Guruji - Gaurav Chaudhary

When was Technical Guruji Channel created?

Technical Guruji Youtube channel was created 2015 October 18 and has got more than 1.4 Billion views on its channel. For Business inquiries, you can contact at [email protected] It has more than 900 Thousands follower on Facebook. Also, more than 2.16 Million people follow Technical Guruji on Twitter. The slogan of Technical Guruji is See Something Techy, See Something New.

technical guruji youtube channel, anil pathak, pathaks blog
Technical Guruji Youtube Channel

What is the official website of Technical Guruji?

The official website of Technical Guruji is Recently, Technical Chaudhary has won the award of Best Technical Influencer in 2019 from World Blogger Award.

What is the profession of Technical Guruji?

They have a family business in Dubai related to security and he is a successful YouTuber. He has uploaded more than 2 thousands video on Technical Guruji Youtube Channel. Also, he has another personal vlogging youtube channel named as Gaurav Chaudhary.

What is the net worth of Technical Guruji?

From all his involvement like a family business and youtube channel, it is estimated to be 1.4 Million Dollar.

How Technical Guruji make money from youtube?

Technical Guruji makes money from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, etc. The growth rate of Technical Guruji is awesome and he has become a role model of every youth who wants to develop a career on Youtube. It has become the fastest-growing Technical Hindi Youtube channel.

How Technical Guruji started a youtube channel?

Technical Guruji is highly inspired and motivated from Sharmaji Technical which is run by Praval Sharma. The consistency in uploading the video o on youtube channel helped him grow his channel where he also got support from Praval Sharma to reach viewers.

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