Gsnap Audacity Plugin - Audacity Plugins Autotune [Download Now]

Audacity Plugins Autotune - Gsnap Audacity Plugin

Gsnap is an autotune plugin for the popular audio editing and mixing program Audacity. You can easily improve your audio using the Gsnap plugin.

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gsnap audacity - Audacity Autotune Plugins

Before starting,

You need to install the suitable version of Plugin in your system. Check whether you are using the 32-bit version audacity or 64-bit version audacity and then install the plugin.

You can download Gsnap autotune plugin from here.

Here are some steps to use Gsnap Audacity.
1. The first thing is to download the Plugin and copy the required DLL file inside the plugins folder of Audacity.
2. Run the Audacity.
3. Go to effects and choose to Add and Remove Plugins.
4. Then, enable the Gsnap plugins.
5. After that restart the Gsnap Plugin.
6. Now, let's use it.
7. Select your audio track and go to effects.
8. In effect panel, you will get the option of Gsnap.
9. Now customize the level of effect to improve your audio tuning.


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  1. I am using version 2.3.3 of Audacity and when I follow this guide and enable the effect Windows 10 is telling me:

    Effect or Command at c:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\plug-ins\GSnap.dll failed to register: Could not load the library.

    Is there a work around or a newer version of this? Thank you in advance if you can help.

    1. I was having this problem too. Apparently, you need to install the 32 bit version of Gsnap even if you are running on 64 bit windows. After deleting the 64 bit Gsnap I downloaded the 32 bit version and it seems to be working now.

    2. Using the 32 bit version worked. Thank you!


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