fl studio music production | fl studio tips

FL Studio is a professional music production software which is very popular among the creators and user-friendly too.

You can create thousands of music using the beats without the use of any real instruments. Simply, using a computer, you can create music of your choice. You can remix any song with your own beats, make tracks for cover songs and also record your own song as well.

fl studio music production | fl studio tips

The company has been enhancing the audio editing, mixing, mastering, arranging, recording, editing and many other features for 20 years.

You can easily use the features if you really want to be professional in music production.

Understanding the workflow of FL Studio and features will speed up the music production work. Your speed will be faster if you can understand the following features.
1. The secret volume control
2. Split and merge patterns
3. Dumping the score log
4. Set snapshots in the Browser
5. Scale automation clips
6. Scale note properties
7. Zoom in closer
8. Slice up pattern clips
9. Metronome Customization
10. Smooth event editing
11. Snap to events

FL Studio Tutorial in Nepali

Use FL Studio like a pro


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