Truecaller Unlist Number

How to remove your number from Truecaller ??

Truecaller has billions of users all over the world and you might also have Truecaller application installed on your smartphone. But, you might not know that the Truecaller stores numbers by using the method crowdsourcing. 

truecaller unlist number
truecaller unlist number

So, even if you are not using the application, its probable that some of your friends might be using the application and the Truecaller will store your number according to the name and number stored in your friend's contact.

In this case, you can manually request Truecaller to remove your contact from their servers. So, here, you will get step by step guide to removing your contact number from Truecaller by using the official website of Truecaller.

Steps to remove your number from Truecaller

remove your number from Truecaller

2. You can now see the text area.
3. Now, provide your number in the text box.

How to remove your number from Truecaller ??

4. Then Click on I am not a robot.
5. Finally, click on the unlist phone number.


You're done.

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