Best Car Insurance Companies usa - micro niche blogging 2020 [Money Making Secret]

Best Car Insurance Companies the USA - blogging success #1 Tip

You are reading this article. It means you might have already heard about the micro niche blogging already.

Also, it is true that the niche of insurance has a higher CPC

Read this complete article as I have a very amazing gift for you.

Let's start this article with a very general concept for the beginners as well.

I have been writing about blogging for a long time. But to be successful in making money online there are so many ways. 

best insurance micro niche long tail keyword 2019
best insurance micro niche long tail keyword 2019

Among them, 

blog and youtube have become very popular and its a genuine and very practical way that thousands of people are making good money from it.

So, in the insurance niche, you can get higher dollars but there is always a competition.

What if you have less competition as minimum as zero ??

Yes, it's true. There are so many keywords that have traffic but the competition is very low as non-competition.

Then, you can rank easily on the search engine.

The use of least suitable competition keyword is a single factor that can help you get rank on search engine.

All you need to do is use targeted keyword in blog post and submit your article on the Search Engine.

Basically, long keywords have very less competition. But, this is not always true. Some long tail keywords have more competition.

Here, if you take the best car insurance companies the USA as a keyword, this is both micro niche topic and long tail keyword as well. So, this is gonna be very beneficial.

 So, find out a best micro niche topic for your blog in 2019 by using the keyword finder tools like Keyword tool, Keyword Planner, Google SearchQuora, etc. The sources can be anything.

But, remember not all keywords are suitable for you. Choose the keywords on which that you can write articles on it and that has monetary value as well. 

Once you have ranked on a google search result, you have a monopoly on the keyword.

You can monetize your article and blog with different ad networks and affiliate marketing as well. Since you have a long tail micro niche blog, it is probably a buying audience and the visitors will have buying intent. You will get sales as well. 

That's it. You are making handsome money now.

But, Finding long tail high CPC buying intent micro niche topic is not only sufficient. Since I am talking about the blog here, you need to also write an SEO friendly content as well.

Here, my article has been targeted to the keyword best car insurance companies the USA and micro niche blogging 2019. Also, if you want to make a video on this topic, it's ok.

As I already told you that I have a gift for you. Let's reveal it.

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best car insurance companies usa
best car insurance companies usa 

The keyword best car insurance companies USA is a gift for you. When I found this keyword and try searching on the internet it has search result of only 10 websites and the monthly searches were about 500. This way I found a genuinely easy to rank keyword high CPC keyword.

If I find some more keywords like this then I can rank on the search result. So, you also need to try finding some more buying intent micro niche keyword which will make money online for you on both Google Adsense and affiliate links as well.

micro niche blogging 2019
micro niche blogging 2019

But, using the keywords only is not sufficient. You need to write a genuine unique content.

You can use a targeted keyword in the title and heading of the post. And also use the similar related long tail keyword to rank on some more keyword.

Provide a reference of other trusted sites like best car insurance companies the USA. Give about 7/8 external links of the trusted genuine websites. Then provide 3/4 interlink to your own blog post.

And another important thing is that never leave your article without an image. You can make awesome images in PowerPoint using the data and statistics from other websites or you can get free images for your blog from Pixabay.

Try to include detailed information regarding the topic. Do not leave anything. 


Including the questions/answers and bullet points regarding the topic will help you rank more on the search engine.


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