America EDV 2020 result online

How to check America EDV 2020 Online free

Every year people from countries like Nepal get Visa to America. All the visa process is automated and anyone can get this Visa which is a lottery system of United States America.

In the same manner, the result for America EDV 2020 is going to be published in the first week of May. So, in this article, you will understand how you can check your EDV result.

America EDV 2020 result online
America EDV 2020 result online

Caution: Please check your edv result from the original link. Check EDV result 2020

What are the things you require to check edv result 2020 ??

1. Confirmation Number
2. Family Name
3. Year of Birth

How to check EDV Result 2020?

1. As I already said, go to the official site of the DV lottery site of the US government. Then Click on CHECK STATUS

2. Now a welcome message is shown. After that Click on continue to check your edv result 2020

3.  Now provide the information such as Confirmation Number, Last Name, Year of Birth. Also, fill the captcha and click on submit.

4. That's it. You are done. Now the edv result 2020 will be shown to you as HAS BEEN SELECTED  or HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED.

edv result 2020 you have not been selected

I lost my Confirmation Number. How Can I check my EDV result ????

Yes, You can Check your edv result even if you have lost the confirmation number. 

Just click on forgot the confirmation number.
All you need is your family name, your name, your middle name, date of birth.

forgot the edv confirmation number
forgot the edv confirmation number

Now fill the information and you will automatically get your EDV Confirmation Number and check the result.

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