Add Facebook Comment Box In Your Blog

The Facebook comment will boost your post engagement

As you know that Facebook is the most popular social media and billions of people use Facebook all over the internet. 

Due to which using Facebook and integrating the Facebook services is a must if you wanna be an influencer. This will unremarkably boost your blog post

add facebook comment box in your blog
add facebook comment box in your blog

So, including Facebook Share and Facebook comments in your blog post is a must.

You can easily do it with plugins in WordPress. But also, there are so many people like you who are using other platforms like Blogspot and all.

Note: Please take a backup of your blog before making any changes in the HTML codes of your Blogspot blog. 
Steps to add facebook comment box in your blog
1. Go to Theme options ==> HTML
2. Now when the HTML codes are loaded, press Ctrl + F to find the exact code.
3. Then type </body> to find the closing body tag.
4. Now, the cursor will be marked at the closing body tag.
5. Then you have to place code before the closing body tag.

6. Now copy this code <b:include data=’post’ name=’post’/> and find it on the HTML codes.

Note: This code can multiple in the blogger template. So, please find the most bottom code.

7. Then paste the code given below the above tag.

8. Now save Theme properly and reload your blog post.

9. If you want to keep Facebook comment only, you can disable the blogger default comment system in the Blogger setting.

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