A Smart, Educational Look At What 3D PRINTERS FACTS Really Does In Our World [2019] Updated

3d printers advantages, examples and the facts

The innovations of the 21st century are being very handy and worthy. The innovation of 3D printers has also added the importance of science and technology.

The 3D printing makes a solid object in three-dimensional manners that gives a real look to the object. The addition of successive layers of materials in the printing process gives an output of an object.

3d printer facts
3d printer facts

working mechanism - How does 3D Printers work?

Actually, while printing a 3D object, the foremost thing is to design a 3D Model of that object in your computer which in technical terms, you can call it  Computer Aided Design (CAD). These 3D models can be generated with 3D modeling software like Blender, Rhino 3D, Maya, etc. or you can use 3D scanners as well.

The standard file format that you use on 3D Printing is STL file format.

What are the 3D Modeling software?

  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • SketchUP
  • 123 Design
  • Blender
  • 3D Slash
  • TinkerCAD
  • FreeCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • OpenSCAD

Cost of 3D Printers

Basically, the cost of any products depends on so many factors. In case of 3D Printers, there are so many parts that have to be manufactured for 3D Printing and also there are so many researches and development activities going on and not yet the final product has arrived since the potential growth of 3D Printing technology has a lot of scope for its innovation. 

However, there are so many 3D printers that are available under $300.


what are the uses of 3D Printers?

1. The foremost and the best application of 3D Printing is a rapid model. You can easily print the design of your model.
You can print the prototype of your house design.

2. Many uses of prosthetics and 3D printed implants in the medial sector have become the golden age of affordable medical utilities. Creation of prosthetic parts has brought revolution in the medical area.

3. Similarly, in the educational purpose, teachers and students are using the 3d printing technology to give a shape of their ideas and the innovations.

4. Similarly, 3D Printers are being popular for the use of rapid manufacturing as well. This is not only just a prototype but tools and the end products. In the same manner, the manufacture of parts, fixtures, and jigs are increasing in automotive.

5. In aviation, the use of metal printing has also been implemented.

6. The company named Apis Cor has said that they can print a house within 24 hours using the 3D Printing technology

What are the Printing materials used by the 3D Printers?

Generally, the use of plastic material is the most common on the 3D Printing. Here are the lists of the materials that you use on the 3D Printers.

  • PLA - Biodegradable Thermoplastic
  • ABS - Thermoplastic
  • Resin - Thermoset Photopolymers
  • PETG - Thermoplastic
  • Nylon / Polyamide (PA) - Thermoplastic
  • TPU - Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • ASA - Thermoplastic
  • PEI - Thermoplastic
  • Stainless Steel - Metal
  • Aluminum - Metal
  • Titanium - Metal
  • Cobalt Chrome - Metal Super-Alloy
  • Nickel Alloys - Metal

3d printer video time lapse

Here is the video time lapse of 3d printer. You may like it.


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