Images Size Reduce - Resize Image For Website

Images Size Reduce - Resize Image For Website - Image Optimisation

Using any image or graphical content in a blog post shows you the effort made by the writer. Such images can drive the attention of readers as well. That's why you need to resize an image in kb and optimize your image for the blog post.

First of all, let me ask you a question at first?

Why do you click on any article?

It's obvious that either its the title or the thumbnail. After that, the user engagement becomes extreme when you find image, screenshots,  stats or any info-graphics. 

Images Size Reduce - Resize Image For Website, pathaks blog, anil pathak
Images Size Reduce - Resize Image For Website

So, you want to include images in your blog post as well.

But, while adding images in your blog, you need to consider the following things as well.

Blog loading time

Alternate texts for image

The research says that more than 50% of users leave the site if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, image optimization is very important.

As I have already said above,

the blog loading time has to be minimized by reducing the size of the image.

There are so many ways that allow you to reduce the size of the image to kb without reducing the quality as well.

The main concept here is that

just use the image of required size only.

That will reduce your blog loading time.

Let's take an example,

You create an image in Photoshop, Paint or Design image in PowerPoint.

But, if you keep focussing on the image size as well, then you will get the perfect image in the perfect size.

Similarly, if you download an image from Pixabay or any other sources, reduce them into your required size.

resize image in paint for blogspot blog
resize image in paint for blogspot blog

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You can also show your image in required size by using CSS and HTML codes, 


what happens is that the size of that image is high 


loading your blog and article has to load that image as well.

So, this will hamper the performance of your blog.


you can resize your image online from websites like Image Optimizer.



use of alternate text will help you get traffic by ranking your image on the search engine.

So, do not leave this opportunity to go to the vein.

Do this now.

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