html website code - html website project - download html website project [updated] 2019 March

html website code - html website project - download html website project

Hey guys, you are looking this page which is a html. Every page that you see on the internet is developed by using the html codes.

You see different images, links, bullets, paragraphs, videos, infographics, pdf etc. They are all placed with html tags. They help to identify the elements in the web page.

html website code - html website project - download html website project

You can write html codes in Notepad. You can begin writing simple html codes in the html and save it with .html extension. Now you can browse the webpage in browser.

In this article, I will give you just an overview of how html website codes can be written and how these things work. For the complete technical tutorial regarding html you can visit w3schools.

The very basic html codes is shown in the image below.

html website code
html website code 

But, using html websites is not sufficient as people want user interface. So, we integrate CSS into the html codes so that you can get a user interface. Such interface can be easily managed with the library of CSS which is bootstrap.

There are so many websites which are designed with bootstrap these days.

Similarly, the complete website project is completed when we integrate the javascript, css, and some programming languages like php, python, .net.

Though, you can develop a website with html and css, this will not be so beneficial as it is static. That means you need to write html codes when ever you want to make changes in your website.

But, you can make your html website dynamic with the programing language like php, java, etc.

As I have already said that you can learn technical Html codes with w3school. Try creating the html projects like creating tables with content, price chart, website headers, footer, paragraph, integrating images, creating pdf, embeding maps, etc.

Here Idea is that you do not need to write each and every line of code. Once you understand how it works then you can use codes from the internet. Google search is the best skill for coding.

Also, you need to have a skill of using github where you can uplod you codes and also download so many html website projects as well.

If you really want to pursue career in web development then mut use git and stackoverflow.

Here is video tutorial on html website development.


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