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turn off notifications in chrome

While browsing the internet, you may have seen so many notifications and pop up ads due to which you feel very irritating. But, there is a simple setting by which you can disable the notifications in chrome. So, here you will know how you can disable the notification in chrome. Similarly, you will get the answers related to turn off facebook desktop notifications windows, remove facebook notifications chrome, facebook pop ups chrome,how to turn off pop ups on chrome, turn off chrome facebook notifications, how to disable facebook notifications on chrome, turn off notifications in chrome, facebook chrome notifications disable, turn off facebook desktop notifications, stop facebook notifications on chrome, how to stop push notifications

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Steps to turn off notifications in chrome

1. Click on the options at the right top corner i.e 3 dots icon
2. Go to settings.
3. Now you should go to advanced setting.
4. Then you will find the option for Content setting.
5. After that you will get the option for notification setting.
6. Finally, you can block all the notifications or block specific notifications or you can even allow all notifications from the options available.


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