Make your website FASTER and SECURE with CLOUDFLARE [updated] 2020

What is cloudflare ? - how does cloudflare work? - what does cloudflare do - cloudflare ssl setup

Cloudflare has become very popular for the bloggers or any website owners. It has resolved many problems that bloggers are dealing with. Cloudflare is handling and bridging the layer that will ensure that your blog is live and is available to the users without paying anything. If you are basic user, then the free plan of cloudflare is sufficient for you.

Cloudflare for free CDN

Content delivery network is a famous term these days.

It make your content available by smart geo location servers.

These networks helps to respond the request of the user through the nearest possible servers.

They have so many servers in different regions.

This ensures that either your website is hosted in United States, Nepal, South Africa or any geographical location, the request to your server is handled by the nearest server and the user gets the content super fast.

If your website load time is less, then you can rank higher in google search

Cloudflare for free SSL - cloudflare free ssl - free https certificate - how to get https certificate

Cloudflare has clearly said that they would prefer to show the websites that are secure ie. https in their search result.

So, it is very much clear that you need to use SSL in your website which you can get free in cloudflare.

Ultimately, this help your site to rank on the google search

Cloudflare for Cashing

Another important thing is that cloudflare keeps cashing of your site so that your website become more faster.


if your site is down for maintenance, cloudflare will serve the cashed web pages of your website so that user can visit your site.

It maintains the trust to the users.

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Cloudflare for Easy DNS Propagation - cloudflare free dns - cloudflare multiple domains

You might know the difficulty of changing the hosting of any website.

The fact is that the connection between the domain you purchased and the IP of your hosting server is very crucial to make your website live in the internet.

These things are resolved by the Domain Name Server and it takes about 24 hours to propagate the DNS.

 So, if you need to change your hosting, it will take about 24 hours to be your website live.

But, if you use cloudflare, you can change your hosting within a second.

You just need to keep your IP in the cloudflare account and your account is now on a new hosting.

You get free SSL if you use the free subdomains like,, etc.

But if you are using the custom domain, you need to buy the SSL Certificate.

Recently, if you are using the custom domain in blogspot platform, you get free SSL on your site.

The purpose of using cloudflare is very clear that it makes your site faster, secure and SEO Optimised as well.

Also another important fact is that, it helps to prevent from the unwanted bots and the spam visits.

 The best thing I like is that no need to wait for DNS propagation.

Just change the IP of your hosting and your site is live.

It means your site is never down.

Cloudflare Login

As usual, you can sign up to the Cloudflare by using your email account. Just provide your email and password and click on sign up.

You will then be sent a confirmation email. Now, login to your email and click on the verification link sent by the cloudflare.

Congratulation !!!

Now, you can login to your cloudflare account.


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