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You can get free sub domains and hosting

There are so many platforms that helps you understand the domains, hosting and work with their cpanel and enhance your knowledge of web and internet.

So, here you will get to know different sites that many people are using to host their html, WordPress and any web applications for the purpose of research or any educational purpose.

Saying all these things, remember that, for the professional use, NEVER use any free service.

Nothing is free in this world. It is better to use these services for testing purposes only.
The list of websites that provides free hosting are as follows.
1. Infinityfree
2. GoogieHost
3. Hostinger
4. ByetHost

From the above websites, I prefer to use Infinity Free. It has unlimited hosting and bandwidth along with the 10 Email accounts. It also provides the services of SSL and the cloudflare. You can build web application from wordpress as well. You can get free subdomain and also use your custom domain as well.

But, Infinity free allows only three applications in one account.

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