Installing Red Hat Linux on Vmware Workstation [2019] Updated

Installing Red Hat Linux on Vmware Workstation

Vmware workstation has become a very crucial platform to the students for learning different computing kinds of stuff and the teachers for different types of experiments. Many people have been very much interested in Installing Red Hat Linux on Vmware Workstation. Vmware workstation provides a platform where you can create different virtual computers and install different operating systems like Windows, Linux, etc.

If you have a windows platform on your PC, you can install red hat workstation. So, in this article, you will understand to install Vmware workstation Linux. Also, this article has the following contents.

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Vmware workstation is a very popular application which provides an environment to install different operating systems. Here, you can create a virtual environment and install different operating systems. You can make a server here and also make a client as well. It creates such an environment where you can work there as a separate computer. The best thing here is that your original system will not be harmed even though your virtual computers get corrupted.

So, if you do not have Vmware workstation, you can download vmware workstation from here.

install Vmware tools Linux

After installing the Vmware, you need to create an environment to load any operating system either its Windows, Linux or any other. You need to install some Vmware tools so that the virtual computer you created will function properly.

How to: install Vmware tools Linux

Here are the steps you need to follow to install Vmware tools.

step by step guide on how to install vmware tools

1. Power on the Complete System on Vmware.
2. At the top left corner, you will find the tab named VM.
3. Click on the tab.
4. Then there are so many options available, Choose Install Vmware Tools.
5. That's it.

Note: You need to power on the VM OS. After the system is completely turned ON, then only the option to install vmware tools linux.

Benefit: install Vmware tools

Installing Vmware tools is not a crucial operation. However, installing Vmware tools will enhance the performance of the system. Here, you will know some of the benefits of installing Vmware tools.
  • Installing Vmware tools installs the SVGA Driver that will enhance and supports faster graphics performance.
  • Automatic synchronization of time.
  • Higher mouse performance.
  • It also provides support for the Shared Folder and drags and drop operation.

red hat Linux virtual machine

To install red hat Linux on a virtual machine, you need to understand some technical terms. Let me make you clear about these things.

ISO File: You need to download an ISO File which is an image file of any operating system. You can directly download the ISO File. Download red hat enterprise Linux 7 iso download

The ISO file works as CD and you do not need to use any actual CD.

Virtual Environment: The next thing you need to understand here is that, set up a system. You need to create a system as per your system requirement specification.

installing a virtual machine

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Here, you can see a different configuration of the virtual computer which is a memory of 2GB, Processor 1, Hard Disk 20 GB, etc. Once, you created a configuration, you can Power ON the virtual computer or you can initially set up a link to the ISO file so that the Operating system is loaded when you Power ON the virtual computer.

booting os in vmware

Bonus: Installing Red Hat Linux on Vmware Workstation

Red hat Linux Commands

There are so many cheat sheets that you can apply to perform any task in any operating system. So, here are some of the Red hat Linux Commands.

red hat linux installing on vmware

pwd : Print Working Directory. Display working path
whoami : Displays the user id you are logged in with.
cd / : Changes directory to the root.

cd target : Changes directory to the "target" directory.
cd ~ : Changes directory to the home directory.
ls : Directory Listing.

ls -l : Long listing. Displays file ownership.
ls -la : Displays hidden files and directories.
service --status all : List running services.

ntpdate : Synchronize time and date.
/var/log : View logs
locate : Find a file by name.

man topic. : To get a manual about any "topic". 
shutdown/halt/poweroff : Shutdown the system.
reboot : Reboot the system.

yum install: Install the software.
yum update: Update the software.
useradd : create User.

userdel : Delete user.
df : View free disk space. Disk Usage.
getent : Network Users.

Which Red Hat Linux Command Do you use the most? Comment Below.


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