YOUTUBE or BLOG : Which is better in 2018/19 ? Which is more beneficial ? Which can make more money ?

YOUTUBE or BLOGGER: Which is better in 2018/19?

Hey guys, first of all, you need to understand that YOUTUBE and BLOGGER is the product of the giant internet company GOOGLE. So, there is nothing that you need to question the reliability and integrity of YOUTUBE or BLOGGER.

YOUTUBE or BLOGGER : Which is better in 2018/19 ?

In this article, you will understand different aspects of YOUTUBE and BLOGGER because along with the rich of smartphones, 

internet and communication technologies, people are very much attracted to YOUTUBE and BLOG. 

But, still, they have some confusions that either to choose YOUTUBE or BLOGGER.
YouTube contains audio and video whereas the blog is all about the contents which can be text, image, video, audio or anything.


The foremost thing to understand before starting a youtube channel or a blog, you need to be very clear that youtube is very much easier than the blog. 

You can shoot any videos from smartphone and just upload it. 

Just use some tags and your video content is online. 

But, in the blog, you need to write SEO friendly content. You need to follow SEO guides to boost your post to rank on google search

Knowledge of some technical terms is also required like backlinks, domain authority, keywords, permalink, custom domain.

YOUTUBE or BLOGGER : Which is better in 2018/19 ?

In the blog, 

you need to purchase a custom domain and link it to your hosting. 

A custom domain is must to have because you can not get your AdSense account with any subdomains due to the change in the policy of google on a few years ago.

It means you need to invest some amount as well in blog whereas in youtube you can simply make videos and upload it. 

You will have more reach in youtube than a blog.


there is also a change in the policy of youtube in monetizing the youtube videos due to a lot of spamming in youtube and to protect creators. 

So, the basic requirement of YOUTUBE is that you need to have 4000 hours watch time and 10,000 subscribers within 12 months to monetize your youtube channel.

YOUTUBE or BLOGGER: Comfortable?

You can simply record your audio and make some slide show using different images. 

Or you can even record your content from your smartphone and upload it. 

But, in blogger, 

you can simply write on the basis of topic and you do not have to show your face. 

In my opinion, 

the blog is more comfortable as you do not have to show your face and do not speak anything. 

You can simply write content and use some related keywords.


YOUTUBE or BLOGGER : Which is better in 2018/19 ?

It is very much clear that you make more money from the blog. 

You will have full control to display ads on a blog whereas you have less option to manage ads on youtube.

If you get 1000 visitors from the United States in your youtube video and blog, 

then your blog will make you more money.


Content is the king in this modern era. 


either you start a youtube channel or a blog, 

you need to be very specific on a certain niche. 

For example:

You can not write about computer today, 

songs tomorrow and foods the day after tomorrow. 

You can not make one video on cooking, 

another in dancing and another in teaching. 


you need to find out that, 

what are you good at, 

then start writing about it or make a video about it. 

This will generate a specific number of visitors to your blog or youtube who will be genuine. 

They will watch your video, 

they will read your content.

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difference between blog and vlog

The blog is the content in your blog and vlog is the content in any video. 


you will do activities like travelling to some places, 

watching movies or any kinds of activities you do. 

If you write these activities what you did, 

then its a blog. 


if you captured video of what you did, then its a vlog. 

You can upload your vlog in so many video sharing platforms.

YOUTUBE or BLOGGER : Which is better in 2018/19 ?


A blog can be created from so many platforms like Wordpress, Blogspot, Wix, etc. 

But, I recommend Blogspot because you can use your custom domain here. 

Blogspot is the blogger platform of google and this will handle all the hosting related problems. 

You can just link your custom domain and start writing articles.


My opinion on youtube or blog is that, 

if you feel shy or nervous on camera, 

then you can start a blog using the free domain from Freenom. 


you can even start your youtube channel related to the niche of your blog. 

In this way, 

you will get traffic from youtube to blog and blog to youtube and make money in both way. 

This will give you more merit from both platform.


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