What is torrent ? How does Torrent Works ? Is it illegal to use torrent ? Updated [2019] March

What is torrent ? How does Torrent Works ? Is it illegal to use torrent ? 

People have so many confusions regarding the torrent service and using the torrenting sites. So, in this article I am going to cover everything you need to know about the torrents. The concept of the use of torrent is very simple. So, read this complete article so that you will have clear concept regarding the torrents and you can share your knowledge to other people as well.

So, in this article I will be covering the following topics.

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How do torrent works ?
Is torrent Illegal ?

What is torrent ? How does Torrent Works ? Is it illegal to use torrent ?

Torrents is a simple technology to share files, documents or any contents to huge number of people.

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Lets start with some example.

For example,

You have a huge collection of movies or the assignments. 

And your friends want these all. 

Sharing these all contents through pen-drive, 

hard disk or any storage device is impossible. 

It takes lots of time to copy and paste them.

But if there is a technology which will allow people to download your contents from every where in the world at the same time, 

then it would be very easy.


the concept of Torrent is the same.

How do torrents work ?

If you want to share your contents with friends and want them to download these thing, 

then you can simply create a torrent file and provide them. 

Now every people having that torrent links can download the files from your computer. 

It does not require to host them in servers.

Once your one friend gets complete download of the files, 

them it also gives access to download the files. 


if the number of your increases who have downloaded the file, 

then they will all contribute through the torrent so that other people will get the file and they can download very fast.

We count the numbers of Seeders and Lechers. 

If the number of Seeders is high that means that number of people have that file and you can download them very fast. 

But if the Seeders is low, 

it means few number of people have that file and you need to spend huge time to get that file.

If the number of Lechers is high, it means large number of people are trying to get that file. 

So, while downloading any files, 

you can check the numbers of seeders and lechers. 

If the number of Seeders is high, 

you can get the file easily.

Torrent is just a service. 

We need a client to download files or create torrents. 

There are so many torrent clients available in the market.

The most preferred torrent client is uTorrent. 

You can download it from here.

You can get the torrent files of different movies, documents, etc. from the link given below. 

Basically, these are the top torrenting sites to download files from the torrent.

The Pirate Bay Alexa Rank 127 
YTS.ag (YTS.am)  Alexa Rank 210
1337x.to    Alexa Rank 297
Rarbg.to  Alexa Rank 364
Torentz2.eu   Alexa Rank 559
EZTV.ag Alexa Rank 927
Limetorrents.cc    Alexa Rank 912
Zooqle    Alexa Rank 1890
Torrents.me  Alexa Rank 2511
TorLock.com Alexa Rank 7057

Is it illegal to use torrents ?

The technology is never bad. 

It is the people who use technology for doing bad activities. 


in some countries, using torrent is illegal but still people can use them by using the VPN Service. 


while accessing the torrent files, 

we need to be very clear that the site is trusted and the file is not infected. 


we could be hacked.

In most cases, the computer gets lost of virus while using torrents. 

But use only the reputed trusted sources and you will have no problem.

If you find that I have missed anything, then please let me know in the comment section.

best torrenting sites 2018



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