How to get google adsense approval with these simple tips - updated [2020]

How to get Google Adsense approval with these simple tips - Updated

Many people still have confusion regarding how they can get their non-hosted google Adsense account approved. If you also do have confusion regarding how to get Adsense approval, then you must read this complete article.

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So, let’s begin.

By this time you need to be very clear that you cannot get Google AdSense Approval by using the subdomains like,, etc.

Using a custom domain is mandatory. 

Don’t worry. You can get a free custom domain as well. 

You can get free domains from Freenom. 

They have the extensions like .tk, .ml, .ga, etc. 

You can easily use such custom domains.

Once you get non-hosted Google AdSense account, 

you can use their ad codes in any of your websites and blogs. 

It means, 

you can use that as code in your blog having subdomains like,, etc.

how to get google adsense approval with these simple tips

Do you have any confusion on HOSTED and NON-HOSTED GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT?

Then, it is very simple. 

Many people had an AdSense account approved from YouTube. 

That AdSense only works for YouTube. 

You cannot place the ad code from such an account to any website or blog. 

Such an AdSense account is a hosted AdSense account.

Now if you have applied for Adsense account using your website or blog. 

Then you will get a non-hosted google Adsense account after the approval. 

You can place the ad code from such a non-hosted google Adsense account to any website or blog and start making money. 

You are not required to take Adsense approval on each website.

But keep in mind that, 

the use of ad code in the sites that violate the policy of Google Adsense can block your Adsense account.

Alert: Many people have been purchasing Google Adsense account. This is a bad practice. Do not waste money on purchasing any Google Adsense Account.


After all these round and round discussion, 

let’s come to a point. 

How can you get you GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL?

Do not worry.
There are a few points that you need to consider. 

If you follow them properly and apply for the GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL

I guarantee you will get a NON-HOSTED GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT.

  • Use of custom domain: You can get a free custom domain from FREENOM.

  • Use your own images: Do not use any images by downloading from Google Search. You can use paint, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Canva,, etc. to make your own image. 

  • Tell about yourself: Create some page that tells about you, your blog and the data you collect from your blog. You can create pages like contact us, about us, privacy policy, etc. If you do not collect any data from the user, then clearly tell them not to provide any information on your website or blog. 

  • Use of responsive professional themes: You can get free themes for your blog from Goyabi Templates and many other sites. So, use a suitable theme and customize them as per requirement.

  • Create unique content: Do not copy any content. You can take reference from any article but direct copy-paste is not allowed. You need to write on your own, whatever you understand, just write it. Do not forget to post content on your blog regularly.

These were the tips which are very simple and you can easily do these things.

When I had applied for Google AdSense, 

I was asked to remove images which I had downloaded from Google and uploaded in my blog. 


I removed such images and used my own images. 


how to get google adsense approval with these simple tips is a great site to download images and use them for commercial purposes. 

We can use it.

If you guys are using the google images without any modification,

 then you need to change it. 

Otherwise, you have to face the problem.

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Google AdSense does not depend on the traffic you get. 

It only depends on the contents you have. 

You need to follow the above tips. 

You will get AdSense approval in a week.

If you are thinking to BUY A GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT,

 then you should leave blogging. 

Blogging is not for you.

Let me tell you the reality.

For example:


But you will have no knowledge of how you can get the GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL and what are the policies of GOOGLE ADSENSE

And the use of ads code in the inappropriate site can disable your AdSense account.

In another case, 

you cannot even earn that much amount from blogging that you paid for the GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT.


Why waste your time and money if you can get NON-HOSTED GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT within a week free of cost.


Showing your effort is much more important. 

Nobody pays you if you do not show any effort. 

Just follow the above steps and get ADSENSE APPROVAL

Then rank your articles on google search and then wait. 

You will start making some money.

Sharing your blog post on Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. can help you grow. 

So, try these steps. 

It has worked for me.

If you have any experience or anything, comment below.


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