Get 100$ per click from Google Adsense - Updated [2019] March

Get 100$ per click from Google Adsense - Updated [2019] March

Get 100$ per click from Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is the platform to monetize your content. If you are using the Google Adsense, then obviously you want to make some money. But, you need to understand only placing the google ads on your content does not make good money. 
Get 100$ per click from Google Adsense

So, in this article, 

I am talking about how you can make high amount from a single click. 


read this complete article to Get 100$ per click from Google Adsense.

Thats why, 

let's be smart and make some money.

Nobody gives you money without doing anything. 


we need to be smart along with the effort we do.

In our case, 

the main factor that affects in ranking the blog post and even the earnings that we make depends on the keyword that we use. 


you need to keep this in mind. 

Because we spend a lot of time and write articles on a blog. 

Implementation of few techniques can help to make you a significant amount.

Long Tail Keywords

I believe that you clearly understand the word "keywords". 

Because blogging is all about keyword and today you will also understand how the selection of keywords and help you get $100 per click from Google Adsense.


long tail keywords are the keywords which are very targeted to the specific visitors. 

They have very low competition and you can easily rank your post in the search engine and can get the actual visitors to your article.

Eg.: How to make money from youtube by making videos from a smartphone?

So, keyword research is very important in this case. 

There are so many tools for keyword research but keyword planner can be the best solution as it is free and a product of Google.

Google Keyword Planner

image of google keyword planner in pathaks blog
Google keyword planner gives detail data regarding the monthly search volume, 

competition and also the bid amount. 

If the bid amount is high then you get high payment.

There are so many keywords we can easily find in the keyword planner. 

But, we need to be clear that either we want more visitors to our content or make more money.

It is not always possible to get more visitors and also make high CPC at the same time. 

Since the main motive, of this article, 

is to help you make high CPC from Google Adsense, 

you need to find such keywords which have the high bid amount.
find high cpc keywords in keyword planner

Here, the highlighted keywords have a CPC of about $100. 

They have a long tail keyword and the competition is also very low. 

It means you can easily rank your content on such keywords and also can make good money from them as well.

So, you should try this and comment your experience.

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11 Responses to "Get 100$ per click from Google Adsense - Updated [2019] March"

  1. Hello sir this is very useful article to increase and earn more money from Adsense with traffic but can you tell me that what is Impression on Google Adsense? How can we Increase Impression and What are the advantages of Higher Impression?
    Learn To Speak Clearly & Coherently to Impress Other People? |Impressing Techniques with Voice

    1. You need to be very clear that you make money when some body clicks on the Advertisement. You get money from impression as well but only impression does not give you much money.

      So, you need to write article and rank on google search so that you get huge visitors and have high add impression. and you will get some clicks as well.

      To make huge money you need to target the country like USA, UK, CANADA, etc. also target the specific keyword as I have mentioned in this article.

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  2. hey brother very nice article thanks for sharing it as it helped me a lot. your site blog is very good. high cpc keywords 2019

    1. Thank you Vijay for your valuable comment. Keep visiting Pathaks Blog for more updates.

  3. I really appreciate the kind of topics you post here. Thanks for sharing us a great information that is actually helpful. Good day! Buy Google Reviews Online

    1. Thank you @max for your valuable comment. Keep visiting my blog Anil Pathak

  4. Jodha article really defines each and every. I think we should always target high CPC keywords


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