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How to start a blog

Blogging has been very trending these days. People love to be on the internet and have some productive time on the internet. 

They are doing different things on the internet to develop personal qualities that will ultimately help in their professional life as well. 

So, in this article, you will get know about how you can start blogging free.
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Here, I recommend using Blogger to start blogging free because it has so many features. But if you want to invest and start professional blogging, then you must choose Wordpress.

So, let's start blogging free.

Create Google account

You need to have a google account to access the service of blogger platform. So, if you do not have the google account, just sign up Now.
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You need to verify your google account with your phone number. Once the account is verified, then you can sign up for the blogger from that google account.

Create Blog

It's time to create blog. Let's create.
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Once, you get to sign up for a google account.
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Here, you need to give the title of the blog and also choose the domain for your blog. Later you can upgrade this domain to your own custom domain. 

Also, choose the suitable themes for your blog. You can also use the professional themes for your blog. Many free themes are available on the internet.

How to write a blog

You need to write your own content. It is not good to use the copied contents. Such contents do not get rank in the google search and people do not reach to your blog. 

So, you need to write your own contents in your language. You can read the article on the internet or other sources and write in your blog in your own language.

Click on new post to start writing contents and sharing your images, videos and text ideas.
new post, start blogging free, pathaks blog

There are so many options available to write content here. You can write a title for the post. Also, you can use different headings in your content. There is an option to add links as well. You can link your article with you other contents or other external websites.

new post, start blogging free, pathaks blog

Now you have the option to set labels and search description. You need to mention the labels and descriptions as well that will help in the search engine optimization. 
start blogging free, pathaks blog

blogging for beginners

The description part gets displayed while we search on the google.
why nepalese student should start blogging

That's it. Congratulations you created a blog.

But there are some other things as well. You need to understand about SEO, Backlinks, Domain Authority, etc. 
This article is for the complete novice user. You can find us more about blogging in the blogging menu as well.

If you find any kind of confusion, then please comment below.

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