Handy Tips on SEO for Beginners - Updated [2019] March

Handy Tips on SEO for Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation is very important to promote your websites without paying any amount. You might have seen so many websites lists on the google search. Actually, the position they appear on the google search is due to the SEO.
Handy Tips on SEO for Beginners

In this article, I will be covering the topics below:

  1. What are some ways for beginners to practice SEO?
  2. What would be a good SEO strategy for a beginner / new site?
  3. Where should I practice SEO as a beginner? How?
  4. What is the easiest way to improve blog SEO for beginners?
  5. What are some simple tips to get better at SEO (for beginners)?
  6. What is the best way to optimize SEO for beginners?
  7. What is the importance of keyword in SEO?
  8. What is the best SEO keyword resource free tool for a beginner without Google keyword planner?
  9. What are the basic SEO rules and tips for beginners?
If you are a new blogger, then you need to read this complete article.

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The foremost thing for the beginners to SEO is the Keyword. 

The keyword can be anything that is searched by the user in the google search or any other search engines. 

Remember that you need to have your own domain and hosting in order to rank on the search engine.

keyword for beginners

The SEO is all about using the keywords properly and also you need to understand that SEO is not an overnight job. 

You have to work for months or years as well. 

It depends on what kinds of keyword you are targetting. 

You can choose the perfect keyword in the google keyword planner. 

You get all the statistics there, 

like total searches, 

bid amount, 

and many other keyword ideas.

keyword research in google keyword planner

Did you know that you need to have a secure domain URL? i.e https

Google has changed its policy and said that the site having secure layer will rank more. 


check out either your blog is SSL enabled or not.
https enabled secure

Add a description of your blog so that the search engine can identify the niche of your blog and can rank in search engine.

Whenever you search something on the google, 

you get some description which is the meta tag that will help in the SEO.

meta tag for seo

For the clear shortcut tips, 

you need to do the following things to make your article rank on the google.

submit your site to the webmaster: You need to submit your blog or website to the webmaster so that they can crawl your posts and contents and can be shown in the google search. You need to submit your sitemap to the webmaster so that they can crawl your website and find out the content you have written on your blog.
google webmaster property submit

use the URL submit feature: After writing any articles, 

you need to submit them manually so that they rank faster. 


the webmaster automatically crawls your blog posts, 

submitting them manually helps to rank.

use keyword planner to find the topic: Keyword Planner is a free toll on Google that helps to find out the keywords for your blog posts. 

It gives detail information about the number of views, 

bids and you can target the right keyword. 

Choosing the right keyword is very important

include keywords in the title and the article as well: you need to include the targeted keywords in the title of the post and also include them in your blog post. 

This will help you to rank your blog posts. 

For the first paragraph of your posts, 

including your target your keywords.

write the unique content: Unique content is very essential. 

It is not just about reading the content from other blogs and writing them in your own language. 

This will also help somehow. 

But if you can come up with new things than others then you can definitely rank well.

For example, 

topics related to blogging, 

making money online, 

affiliate marketing, domain, hosting, etc. have huge content over the internet and there is high competition to rank.

But there might not be contents on "how to grow sugarcane within 10 days". 


you can choose such topics. 

This is just an example. 

You can find your own on a google search or the keyword planner.

include images and other contents in your article: No article is perfect if it contains only text elements. 

The contents become more effective if it is related 



video and other references. 

Even I prefer to read the contents that have the images, 

videos embedded along with the well-prepared content.

add keywords in the alt tag of the image: after adding images to your blog post, 

you need to add image and they should contain the tags. 

You can include your keywords in the alt tag of the image. 

This will help you to rank your images in google searches. 

This will ultimately drive visitors to your site.

Basic rules and tips for beginners

To conclude, 

SEO is the complete process of using Keywords and considering some basic points like Backlinks, SSL, 

Unique content, 

Adding other contents links image, 

videos in the blog post, 

using the google trends, 

Google searches or the keyword planner, 

choosing the niche.

Backlinks are also very important as this will make your blog more authorized and the level of trust is increased. 

You can write a guest post on the other blog of your niche and ask for backlinks.
Creating social media accounts and sharing the blog posts is also very important. 

Create an account on 



Quora, etc. 

Sharing your content on Google Plus is recommended. 

Create a Google Plus Account today.

Keyword tool is also a free tool for keyword research. 

But the keyword planner is the perfect option.

What is your best SEO tip? comment below.

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