Human Computer Interaction

Computer Science - Human-Computer Interaction

Every day there are so many innovations in the field of computer science and information technology. Due to which the workload of human has been very low and the concept of human-computer interaction is also increasing. 

These days we can simply send our emails, messages, documents, and files by using the computer and accessing the internet. There are so many things that are accessible to the people through the medium of computer and internet.

Where ever the computer comes, there is a word which you should not miss is human-computer interaction.
human computer interaction

You might be thinking the word human-computer interaction is new for you but you have already experienced these things. This is actually not only related to computer science. This is related to everything in our daily life.

The term human-computer interaction simply refers that how the user experience can be made better.

If the knife has an uneasy handle then what's the use of that knife which creates problem to cut the fruits.

Ok, let's talk about some computer science example.

There is a keyboard on the computer and laptop. We have a keypad on the mobile phones. But the combination of numbers, characters, symbols, etc. is fixed. They are not placed in the orders we have studied in primary school.

Such a keyboard has been designed to give the user a productive time to create some documents or input some texts on the computer.

This includes different concepts like computer science, cognitive science, social engineering, etc.

While reading this article most of you might be using the windows computer. Microsoft has a very user-friendly User Interface in its operating system. Due to which more people use Windows Operating system than others. 

It can be said that the person whoever started using computer, they must have used Windows Operating system.
 The user does not want to go through the complicated steps to do what they wanted to do on a computer. If they find any difficulty, then there will be very less interaction. Many companies fail to attract users due to the ineffective design of their product and services.

So, we need to understand that its never users fault.

human computer interaction course

The system that we design and develop, should be accessible to the users. Even the word that we use in our system determines how well our system can work. You might have seen the login and sign in options while using some social media and online accounts. So, even the word has the same meaning, they provide different user experience to the users.

Interactions between humans and computers should be very intuitive as we do conversions with our friends. i.e human to human. But many products and services are failing to get user satisfaction in terms of HCI.

Ultimately, Human-computer interaction is the course that will help you to develop the common sense. Develop the art of thinking like a user so that you can create a higher user experience.

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