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How To Take a Screenshot On Windows

how to take a screenshot on windows 

There are so many ways you can take a screenshot on windows. We need a screenshot in presentation, tutorials, assignments, reports, and much other academic use as well. In windows, there is a default application called snipping tool and believe me, this is the most useful tool to take a screenshot on windows.
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You can easily find the snipping tool on the taskbar. The taskbar is the portion at the bottom of the window. The snipping tool has the icon of scissors.
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You need to follow the given steps below to take a screenshot on windows:
  • Run the snipping tool from the taskbar.
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  • There you get different modes to take a screenshot. You can choose the options like Freeform, rectangular form, etc. to take a screenshot.

  • Similarly, there is an option for the timer as well in the Delay option.
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However, you can use the Print Screen key in your keyboard to take a screenshot on windows.
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What tools and applications are you using to take a screenshot on windows? Comment below. 

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