What You Don't Know About Domain And Web Hosting. [Updated] 2019 July

what are the domain name and web hosting? what can be the benefits?

People have been not really clear regarding the domain and web hosting. In one word, the domain is the unique name for your blog and hosting is the storage to keep your files on the internet. You can purchase a domain from one company and hosting from another company and connect them.
In this article, I will be talking about the domain name and web hosting in detail. If you do not know about the domain name and web hosting then you are in the right place.

What You Don't Know About Domain And Web Hosting
What You Don't Know About Domain And Web Hosting

What You Don't Know About Domain And Web Hosting

So, let's start.
blogging is the long journey
that's why many bloggers quit blogging after some duration.
But if you are really passionate about blogging and keep improving your contents and the standards of your blog,
then obviously you can grow and make awesome money from blogging.
Mind that,
blogging has huge money than youtube.

Every people do something but what they need is the ability to do their work regularly and passionately.
If you do blogging and do not want output within some days or weeks,
or if you work without expecting any outputs,
then definitely you have so many rewards waiting for you.

First Answer this

Will you build a beautiful home in the land of your neighbor ? If so, who will be the owner of that house ?

Obviously not. Then why do you blog in others property? You can do the blog on your own property.

Most of the bloggers use the domain and free hosting like blogger.com, wordpress.com, etc.
But using such free domains and web hosting doesn't push your blogging career on a long journey.

You need to upgrade to the paid custom domain and hosting.
This will take you to that position, where you can not stop even if you want.
Your blog keeps going on and on.
You will be an influencer in the worldwide platform over the internet.

As time passes,
you will have a lot of contents over the internet
and they will get unexpected views every month, every year.

if you want to be professional bloggers and make your identity
 over the internet,
then you need a self-hosted blog.
It means you need to have a custom domain and a paid hosting.
This will boost your blogging career and make money for you, every day.

What are the exact tips to understand the domain?

when you sign up for the blog in WordPress, blogger or any other sites, you get domains like
These are actually the subdomains.

Read this :

The custom domains look like

Such domains are top-level domains.

Note: Many bloggers start blogging using blogger and WordPress. They think that they will use the custom domain later when they get huge traffic. But this is a bad idea.

However, you can learn to blog by using such platforms. Once you get knowledge about blogging, then you must use the paid domain and web hosting.

Why use a custom domain? What are the benefits of the custom domain?

The main of the blogger is to appear in the google search. But the google prefers to link to the domains top-level domains. You can not rank higher by using subdomains like blogspot.com, wordpress.com, etc.
You can create your professional email account like [email protected] if you have your own domain.
Also, we need money as well as for a living. We can apply for Google Adsense and make money from them by using a custom domain. Google Adsense doesn't allow to monetize your blog without a custom domain.
These root-level domains are more valuable and authorized. People have more trust in such blogs have custom domains. This way you will have a brand. If you can create a brand value, then you can easily get viewers and followers.

Also Read: 

Here, I started a blog by using the subdomain www.pathakbro.blogspot.com and later I upgraded to my custom domain www.anilpathak.com.np.
the blogger starts blogging with subdomain and creates a brand.
They have viewers and followers as well.
But when they think to upgrade to a custom domain,
then that domain might have been purchased by other people and you may need to start with another brand.

why you should avoid free web hosting?

Although free hosting is easy to start and most of the people are using it,
it is not a good practice for professional blogging.
these can be the reasons so that you need to upgrade to paid hosting and avoid free hosting:

NO CONTROL OVER THE CONTENT - Such contents can be removed anytime without your consent. They can close their service because everyone is profit-oriented and if they are not getting profit then they can immediately take action against our contents. There can be other reasons as well where they can delete your content without asking you.

NO SECURITY - Why would someone spend money to protect your data and contents. So, there is also a risk of security in free hosting services. The server can get down if you get huge traffic. They do not care because it is free.

CAN'T SELL - Even though you have a large number of followers and great content on your blog, it cant be sold. This is the property of Blogspot or google and they do not allow to sell your blog. You can just use them.

There are so many offers of free domain and hosting. But, you need to think that nothing is free in this 21st century. Such free things can be closed anytime. They can also change their service to a paid model and you can get highly affected. So, it's better to buy a custom top-level domain TLD and a suitable hosting plan.

You can purchase domains and host from Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

If you are a beginner, then I recommend starting blogging with free platforms like WordPress or Blogspot.
There you will have knowledge regarding writing articles,
creating back-links,
contents embedding, contents sharing and so on.
Then for the professional blogging,
you must buy a custom domain according to the niche of your blog and also purchase a suitable web hosting plan.

Build a beautiful home on your own land and be the owner of that house.

This way you have complete control over your blog. It can rank faster and can be a huge source of income as well.

Are you using free domain and hosting? What is the best plan you are using? Comment below.


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