beta thunkable app - Android App Development with Thunkable

beta thunkable app allows developing application without coding

Thunkable is a platform for the android as well ios app development by joining the blocks of logic. The knowledge of simple english language can help users develop smart application.

beta thunkable app, develop application without coding
beta thunkable app - Android App Development with Thunkable

beta thunkable app - app development

Every smart device are developed under android platform these days


this can be the huge opportunity for the application developers.


you can promote your business and services

by developing the android applications.


you can make money by developing simple useful applications and placing ads in them.


I will talk about how you can develop android and ios applications

without writing single lines of codes.

Believe me,

you can create awesome applications for android as well as ios applications.


read this complete article to understand how you can create Android applications and make money from them.

beta thunkable app - Introduction

These days almost every people have a smartphone.

It has now become trends to carry the smartphones where people can capture beautiful photos,

store them and share them on different social media platforms.


we install so many applications like candy crush,

clash of clans,


facebook, and so many applications.

There are different kinds of applications

available for android as well as ios users.

If you want to read newspaper,


download wallpapers,

learn programming, learn English, etc.

These all kinds of applications are available in the play store.

Such application gets a huge number of downloads.

In case of Android platform,

we use Android studio to develop professional applications.

There are different kinds of applications which are static and dynamic.


The applications like jokes,



books etc. are static applications.


there are dynamic applications in such categories as well.

For developing static applications,

you do not need any integration of database and the cms.


you can develop android as well ios applications with some drag and drops.

You need to login to the web platform Thunkable.

For that,

you can log in to the Thunkable with google account.

Thunkable has different options to add labels,


web viewer,

speech recognition,



AdMob ads placement, etc.

You can add many pages as per your requirement.

You can include your own logo


name your application and pages in them.

Here is a very useful tutorial

regarding the development of Android applications

in thunkable without writing any codes.

After the development of the application,

you need to sign up for the AdMob account.

Admob is the product of Google.

It facilitates similar to Google Adsense.

beta thunkable app - Admob


AdMob provides ads for android or ios applications.

You can use the AdMob code in your applications


make money from them.


there are few things you need to understand.

There are so many applications in the Google Play Store

which has been uploaded by the Developers.

After the development of application gets completed,

you need to make them available to the users.

beta thunkable app - Google Play Store

For uploading your application in the google play store,

you need to pay $25 for the first time


upload your application.

Once you have paid the amount,

you can upload any number of applications in the Google Play Store.

There are is a high chance of getting more number of downloads from the Google Play Store


people search different applications on the Google Play Store.

For that,

you also need to understand the trends

and develop application according to the requirement of users.

You need to understand

what kinds of applications are being downloaded these days.

beta thunkable app - Free places for promoting your application

Though Google Play Store has huge collections of application,

this is not only the platform to launch your application.




Whats app, etc. also can be the great platform

to promote your applications.

You can just upload your application

in the Google Drive and share the link to the people

through different media like


Facebook Groups,

Youtube videos,

Twitter, etc.

There are so many platforms these days

where you can expose your product.

You might have joined different groups on your facebook

and you can use them.

If you have something really useful,

then people would download your application.


you need to have a concept regarding what kinds of applications you are going to develop.

For example,

If you are a student,

then you can develop the simple applications

that contain notes and important questions

along with the answers,

it would be more likely to be downloaded by your friends.


you can use your own concept and develop the application.

What application are you thinking to develop using Thunkable?

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