Amazon Go || No Cashier No Employee

Amazon Go || No Cashier No Employee

Amazon has always being developing and upgrading its services and products in regular basis. It was started in 1995 as a book selling store whereas this is the store for everything these days. Later it came to be the first online company with the innovative ideas.
Now it has come up with its new innovative idea of Amazon Go where there are so many products on the store but there is no any employee.
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When you enter on the Amazon Go Store, you will feel like you are on the subway station. There are rows of checkpoints which will identify you and the camera can watch you. To enter on the store, we need the Amazon store app in our smartphone and that will identify us and allows to enter to the store. There are AI that will find out the products you have taken from the store and that will automatically deduct the price from your amazon account.
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