8 Windows Programs that everyone must install in their computer

8 Windows Programs that everyone must install in their computer

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There are so many applications that is need to be installed on the computer so that the user can access the general services in the computer. 

Some applications are already installed by default on the computer but they are not as much good to use.

This article is completely for the User who have no knowledge about the computer and the software applications. 

So, you can skip this article if you want. 

Lets Start.
8 Windows Programs that everyone must install in their computer

1. Antivirus Software

The first thing we need to is installing the antivirus software. 

These days we access so many websites on the internet and it is very much crucial to save our files and even the computer. 

So, the essential thing is to install any Antivirus Software. 

There are so many paid as well as free versions of the Antivirus software, you can use them.

2. Internet Browser

Since, we connect our devices to the internet through the cable and the wifi, we need a good browser so that we can  view the contents on the web. 

There are so many files, videos, images, etc on the web. 

So, we need a good browser to access the contents over the web.

There are so many free web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 

You can use them to access the web contents.

3. Document Editor

By default, there is Notepad installed in the computer. 

Actually, Notepad is very powerful tool. 

A programmer can write different kinds of codes there and can create so many batch files, scripts, web pages, etc. and can perform so many activities. 

But for managing the documents files for preparing the proposals and any well formatted text documents, Notepad is not suitable. 

So, we need to have an application called Microsoft Office Word. This will help to properly format the text.

It has so many features to changes the font color, style, alignment and is very user friendly as well. 

We can simply create files and save them.

Similarly, we need to present our ideas to the team through the medium of the presentation. 

There is the application called Microsoft Power Point which will help to create stunning presentation files and present them to the team.

4. Entertainment

We have so many videos, musics and photos that we want to access. 

So, for that we need the application which is very user friendly and supports more format. 

Then we have an application called VLC Media Player

It supports almost all formats of video and audio. You can properly watch videos and listen musics from this application. 

This also allows to find subtitles of movies and enjoy.

But for the management of photos, we have so many applications like paint which is the default applications. 

But this is not much capable to edit the photos. If you want to edit the photos, you can use the Microsoft Power Point or you can use Photoshop which is the best photo editing application. 

But for the purpose of watching photos, the default application is the best tool.

5. Google drive

Google drive is the cloud storage service. 

When you install this application, a folder is created in your computer. and whatever file you want to protect and store them in the cloud, simply copy that file or folder into the Google Drive folder. 

Also you can create back up of certain file or folder by yourself as well.

6. C Cleaner

C Cleaner cleans the temp files and also the browser history and also some other unnecessary logs and will optimize the performance of your PC. 

So, you need to install the application C Cleaner.

7. File Compression

File compression is important task to manage the time and storage as well. For example: you have a lot of assignment and you need to print them as well submit the e copies to the college. 

Then you can simply compress the files by using the application WinRar and that will minimize the file size and also is more secure and easy to share files. 

So, download the application WinRar.

8. Screenshot

The final application according to our lists is the Screenshot. We need to provide different screenshots in the projects and assignments. 

So, we have the default application Snipping Toll that helps to take screenshot in different customized options like full screen, rectangular area and so on. 

So, this is the very useful default application of Windows.

These are the 8 Windows Programs that everyone must install in their computer. If you think so other programs need to be included, then comment below. Which application do you find most useful ?


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