[Best] Make money online from blogging without Google Adsense

Blogging and Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the most popular network for the advertiser and the publisher as well. 
It helps to monetize the YouTube channel and also the blogs and websites. But getting approval is not an easy task in the Google AdSense. 
Some people say that they have some tricks to approve their Google AdSense but they do not have the exact methods. 
And nobody knows the exact method which ensures that if we did this and this, then the AdSense account gets approved.
So, if you are also tired of trying for the approval of Google AdSense and thinking about the alternatives, then you are in the right place. 
Make money online from blogging without google adsense
Make money online from blogging without Google Adsense

Here, in this article, I am going to talk about the solution to make money from blogging without Google AdSense.
Many people have heard that we can make money online from Google AdSense and they start blogging. 

They try to approve their AdSense account but does not gets approved. And ultimately they quit their blog. 

But there are so many ways that you can use. Just search for them and try them because there are so many options and alternatives to almost everything in the age of technology.

How can you make money online from blogging without Google AdSense?

Let’s start.
The first thing is that you need to have a blog or website where you need to post the related articles in about not less than 500 words.
This will make your content more SEO friendly as you explain many things and adding the keywords to your posts make it rank on google. 
This will bring very organic traffic to your blog or site.
If you do not have a domain, you can get a free .tk domain from the website called freedom. 
Go to the website and get your custom domain for free. The domain is available for 12 months for free. 
Later you can buy your domain from the money you earn by Make money online from blogging without Google AdSense.
Then another thing is that you should use at least one image in your blog post and add some keywords in the alt section in the properties of an image. 
And also you need to make your post more user-friendly by avoiding the unnecessary color combination. 
Use some headings and subheadings to make your post more professional. Also make the most engaging by adding the relevant links, proofs and the images. 
That will make the content more strong and makes more valid and authentic.

To make your blog more professional you can create different pages. For example, I write my blogs on Pathak’s Blog on different topics like blogging, AdSense, Bitcoins, SEO, etc. 

So, it becomes more professional when I label such posts on different menus.
Then you need to use professional themes for your blog. It will give a beautiful look to your blog. 
You can easily download themes from Google and upload them to your custom blogger theme. 
It makes your blog very professional. Whenever the visitor come on your blog, then they will definitely go through your some other contents as well. 
So, make the navigation more clear and the user have no problem in going through the posts published on the blog.

One part has completed till now.
Here are some more steps that you need to follow.
The next step is to monetize the site. Since we do not have an AdSense account, we have some other alternatives that will help to make money online from blogging without Google AdSense. 
So, what can be the best Google AdSense alternatives to make money from home and to make from the internet???
Everyone has the solution for it. So, here are ways to make money from home. 
You can easily make money from the internet. People say the fast ways of making money to blogging. 
If you are a video creator on YouTube, then you need to understand that you get paid more on a blog for the same impressions on YouTube.

This is the time to be happy since we are going to make money online from blogging without Google AdSense. 
There are so many alternatives that we can try. There are so many ad networks. Many people are using them. I am also using some of the ad networks for my blog. I have some blogs related to Technology.

What are the alternatives of Google Adsense?

Here are the ad networks to make money online from blogging without Google AdSense. Remember that, these ad networks have been listed on random orders.

1. Yillix
This is the legitimate site to monetize your blog. It has a minimum payout threshold of 1$. 
Once you set up the payment process and payment threshold, the amount gets paid to your account by the system, you do not need to worry about that. 
It has the payment option like PayPal, payza and bank transfer. It also has options for bitcoin as well. It has so many ad types than other ad networks. 
We can easily apply there and start placing their ads on the blog and make money online.

2. Propeller ads
It is advertiser-friendly. It has options like on click ads or native ads. They have a surplus of formats.  It has no minimum requirement. If you have no traffic, then also you can apply there and place the ad code on your blog from here. 
The feature of on click ads will give you the maximum income if you have good traffic. They have a minimum payout of 100$.

3. Revenue hits
Revenue Hits is a very strong network with numerous years within the enterprise. I’ve been running with them for 2 years and thus far the consequences were amazing. 

Revenue Hits is an overall performance ad community, this means that they pay you for effects (CPA, that's notable for plenty niches). 

Revenue Hits has an advanced platform that learns out of your advertisements so if you provide them a strive to make certain to hold their advertisements running for as a minimum 3-four days to get the pleasant consequences. 

Any other exceptional issue is that they've different monetization channels to be had. You can create banner commercials, sliders, pop-under, buttons and greater. Revenue Hits pays on an internet 30 foundation and make payment through PayPal and Payoneer. 

Create your account and get started out in only some minute’s right here!

4. Chitika
Chitika is very similar to AdSense. They permit you to personalize your advertisements, and it best serves contextual ads. 
One exact aspect is that you may use it along with AdSense and there are not any problems at all. 
Chitika pays through PayPal ($10 USD minimal, which is ideal for starters) or through check ($50 minimum). 
If I had been to suggest an advertisements service as an alternative to AdSense, Chitika would be my first choice, palms down. Chitika pays you thru PayPal in case you want. 

Join up here and get your account approved fast and without difficulty! 

Bonus: Bonus Try Thes advertising networks
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But one thing is that we cannot make money without the traffic, the visitors on our blog. 
So, make regular posts on your blog about the niche of your blog. You need to have more than 1000 hits per day to make good money. 
So, do not just put ad codes and wait to receive payment. Nothing is easy. This is not easy. 
I say it as a one-time investment. Make unique SEO friendly contents and try to gain organic traffic. 
You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Viber, What's app, etc. to gain traffic.

Also, you can make money from affiliate marketing.

Actually, the affiliate marketing pays good money as we get some percentage of commission from the sale made by our visitor. 
So, it can be 1$ or 1000$ in a single sale. It depends on the product we affiliate. 
In my next article, I will be writing about making money online from blogging without Google AdSense but Affiliate marketing.

In conclusion,
Many people who have AdSense account, they blame that the AdSense is suspending their account when they are about to meet the minimum threshold for the payout. 
However, you can make money online from blogging without Google AdSense as well. 
So, try the technique that I have said. Work smart and make money from your home without Google AdSense.
If you know more ad networks or if you are using any and want to share us, then please comment below. 
If you have any confusions and suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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