How to get 10K likes on facebook? Autolikers Reality Explained

How to get 10K likes on facebook? Autolikers Reality Explained

How to get 10K likes on facebook? Autolikers Reality Explained

If you are making 1000 likes on facebook or wanna make 1000 likes on your facebook posts, then this vides is for you.

Facebook is the most popular social medias that every people uses most of the time. And now the trend has become like the people having more likes are believed to be more stronger.

Everyone wants to be famous on the social medias by getting more likes. And some of the people try to get some autolikes by using different autolikers
tools from the internet. They ask for permission and we need to allow them to get likes. For that we are asked to make our profile PUBLIC and then also we need to allow them to access our profile. They get access token from our facebook account. Which means the TOKEN actually works as the username and password.

Here the person whom we do not know will be liking on our photos and also we will be liking on the posts of the people whom we dont know. This is the concept of LIKE FOR LIKE.

They have the huge database of the users who want likes and when we sign up and click to get likes, then all the users from their database will be liking our videos and similarly when some one sign up or clicks to get likes, then our account will be used to like on their posts as well.

There are thousands of users who have registered to the tools like autolikers for the sake of likes but they do not know that is is very dangerous.

Once the autolikers get access token, Now they can easily login through our account and can do likes, shares and comment on anything, anywhere and we do not know at what places and for what conditions, our account is being used.

There are so many things on the internet and our account may be used to like, share or comment any criminal activities and that will hamper us without being any involvement. Since, the autolikers has access token and we provided them, we could now bear huge penalty.

Now if you are using any autolikers, change your facebook password and make your account private so that any external people can have access to your profile.

So, never try to use such fake likes because they only make your account vulnerable and you may have to bear the unbearable loss by just the use of fake likes or the auto likes.

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