You Will Thank Us - 6 Tips About Make money online from home You Need To Know [2019] Updated August

Many people have been searching for an online job and how to make money online. For that, I have been searching what could be the methods to do the online job. And I found various ways of online job like captcha typing, surveys, page liking, creating accounts, sign-ups, etc. It takes huge time and effort and it is not so productive.
6 Tips About Make money online from home You Need To Know

Q. Do I need to have genius computing skills?

Ans: No. Absolutely not. You can make money online from home with just a basic computer knowledge.

So, there are some genuine ways to make money online as well. Here I am going to explain some of them.

1. Blogging

Blogging is very popular these days. 

We can simply create blogs without paying any amount. 

We need to have a passion for blogging. 

Do not just start blogging for money but start it as your passion and always keep writing genuine contents. 

At first, be specific about the topic you will be covering in your blog. 

You can post beautiful photos, 

also, write a review about the movies or even you can write stories and poems. 

You can do whatever you like but just be regular. 

After you create a blog, 

then monetize it and earn money from Google Adsense

You can create blogs in blogger or WordPress.

2. Youtube

It is a very popular site containing videos of all kinds. 

It can be the best platforms to explore and enhance your talents. 

Find your niche and start making videos. 

You don't need expensive cameras and lights to make videos. 

You can just make videos from your smartphone and upload them.

 You can make video tutorials or if you don't have technical knowledge you can make cover songs. 

Whatever you do, be consistent to upload videos. 

Then monetize your video and earn money from Google Adsense.


This the service to shorten your links. 

Whatever contents you may like. 

You can just copy that link and shrink them into the short link. eg, you liked a movie on youtube, then just copy its link and shrink them in 

Then that short links becomes your property. 

Now share that links into different medias so that you can get clicks on them. 

Then according to the number of click, you can get money. 

To shrink the link, you have to signup to 

There some other services to shorten link as well.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very powerful tool to make money. 

It is the process of selling someone’s stuff or products by you. 

You get commission for selling their product. 

You can make million dollars with little effort and task. 

You can apply this method onto your blog to earn more. 

You can read more about it here.

5. Freelancing

If yo any kinds of computer skills, 

then you can do freelancing. 

There are many freelancing sites like upwork, fiverr, freelancer, etc. 

They allow us to sign up and create account. 

We can keep our skills like Microsoft Office word, 

Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, etc. 

There are many sites that allows us to sell our photos. These days everybody has smartphone. 

Yo can just click good quality photos. Signup in to the websites. Give description of the images and make money. Some of the websites are : iStockphoto,  iStockphoto

So, these are the best 100 % working methods to make money online from home. 

Do your research and start a suitable tasks from today because time is precious and you know the secrets of making money online. 

Be your own boss and work in your own time. Best of luck.

If you have any kind of confusion and suggestions, comment below.


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