You Should Experience Bitcoins In Nepal At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why.

Most of the techno lovers might be aware of the very popular term Bitcoins and some of them might be making a good amount of bitcoins but there are also people who are unaware of the Bitcoins. In this article, I am going to clarify all the confusions. So, read this article completely.

Bitcoins had started in Nepal since 2009 over the internet and people started mining as well. 

Mining can be done if you have high computer resources, 

a faster internetworking connectivity and the ability to wait till some bitcoins are generated. 

Very secure network connection is required in mining to keep everyone synchronized.

Q. Can I make Money with Bitcoins?
Ans: Yes. Of course.

Bitcoins are the electronic currency that has the monetary value. 

But don’t expect to get rich by any such emerging technologies however it can be some pocket money for you. 

But the value of 1 BTC has been fluctuating unpredictably. 

But it is a better idea to make bitcoins because we can do online transactions if we have sufficient bitcoins.

Till the period of making this article, 1 BTC = approximately Nrs 300,000 but the value keeps changing.

Is bitcoins Legal in Nepal?
The official governing body of the monetary transaction, 

Nepal Rastra Bank has not stated any official statements regarding the Bitcoin. 

However, it is not illegal but such digital currencies are accepted in a very limited ratio in the context of Nepal.

Bitcoin is now illegal in Nepal

Read this: Bitcoin is illegal in Nepal

Where can I make Bitcoins?
So, here is the list of some websites where you can sign up and start making Bitcoins.

So these were the facts regarding the Bitcoin. 

If you have any Queries or Suggestions, 

Please do comment us. 

Also, some people might have been making Bitcoins and if you want to share your experience,  

your comments are most welcome.

Unfortunately, trading Bitcoin has been banned in Nepal.

Find out more here: Bitcoin is illegal in Nepal


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