Find A Quick Way To where to start blogging

There are various platform to create blogs without paying any money. Most of the people are using to create their blog because it has more plugins and features to make the blog look good and we can integrate many more services within it. But till so many people are using is the service of Google thats why it deserves more trust that any other blogging platforms. It has simple designs and we can simply login through or Google account. Whereas we need to signup in the Wordpress.

While using these kind of platforms, we get domain like or It is due to the use of free domain. We have to pay for our own custom domain. But, by these free domains also, there is no problem in making money. We can easily make money from Google Adsense.

We can also get free custom domain from Mercantile as well. So, find out how to get free domain name ?

The use of such platform has full right to our content. Actually, these contents are stored in their server and they can do whatever they want. So, while blogging, we need to research about the company that we are going to use. So, only create blog from the platform of trusted company only. Because, you work hard in your blog and make sure it does not go to vein.

There are many some other platform as well to create blogs like,,, etc. But not all of them are worthy that we could trust. So, you either or

If you are beginner, then you can use Because it is user friendly. You can easily setup the blogs and post your contents. I think Wordpress is little difficult for the beginners but you can try using it. Because it has more enhanced features to helps us in SEO, Stunning themes and many more features.

If you have any kinds of suggestion, comment below. 
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